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The demand for scholarship support is at record levels with 50% of our campers received scholarship assistance. Last summer scholarship support by camp alumni and friends totalled over $250,000 with nearly 10% of that being raised during the 2014 Young Alumni Phone-a-thon!  In addition Camp Ramah in Wisconsin currently charges $1,200 less than the true cost to provide the full 8 –week experience for our campers. Therefore every camper regardless of financial situation receives a subsidy to attend. Our fees are consistently held below cost to make the experience as affordable as possible. To make up the difference, 25% of the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin program is subsidized through contributions.  Your support of the helps strengthen and enrich the Camp Ramah experience and allows families of all means the ability to experience the magic of Camp Ramah.  

Check out this great video on the importance of the Camp Ramah in Wisconsin Scholarship Fund:

Phone-a-thon 2015 Chairs

Jamie Cooper
Sarina (Fogel) Gerson
Elana Goldsmith (Twin Cities Chair)
Becky (Wolf) Jacobson
Micah Kafitz

Phone-a-thon 2015 Steering Committee

Micah Kafitz Nivo 1994
Sam Caplan Nivo 1995
Robbie Gerson Nivo 1997
Henry Bernstein Nivo 1998
Jon Hoffman Nivo 1998
Sarina (Fogel) Gerson Nivo 1998
Rachel Katz Nivo 1998
Michelle Steiman Nivo 1999
Ari Derman Nivo 2000
Tali (Goldblatt) Derman Nivo 2000
Elana Goldsmith Nivo 2001
Avi Allen Nivo 2002
Sarah Gold Nivo 2003
Becky (Wolf) Jacobson Nivo 2004
Jamie Cooper Nivo 2004
Adrienne Kaplan Nivo 2005
Lauren Vandersluis Nivo 2005
Carly Cooper Nivo 2006
Katie Minkus Nivo 2007
Alex Kahn Nivo 2007
Adina Allen Nivo 2007
Dani Wolf Nivo 2008
Allie Hurwich Nivo 2008

Below is a recently received note from a 2015 Ramah Wisconsin camper:

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